Massage Rates

35.00 *30 minutes 65.00 *60 minutes 90.00 *90 minutes

Neuromuscular Therapy

40.00 *30 Minutes 80.00 *60 Minutes 120.00 *90 Minutes

Neuromuscular Therapy is a scientifically based form of massage therapy that focuses on soft tissue manipulation with the intention of rehabilitating the patient by balancing the function of the nervous system and the skeletal system.

Awaken Massage

65.00 *60 Minute

A relaxing Swedish style massage meant to rejuvenate, de-stress and relax tight and tired muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage


Our house specialty.  A massage focusing on removing muscle aches and tension.  This massage is invigorating and healing.

Hot Stone Massage

75.00 *60 minutes

A luxurious time awaits you as our therapist integrates soothing hot stone therapy into your massage for ultimate relaxation.

Aromatherapy Massage

75.00 *60 minutes

A light, relaxing massage using essential oils mixed specifically for your needs. Aromatherapy heals and treats the body through the limbic system which controls emotions and influences the nervous system, hormones and stress levels.

Facials & Peels

Anti-Aging Therapies

Body Sculpting & Toning



Wellness Consultation


Let us help you gain a step toward a healthier you as we teach you tips and advice on living a healthier life. We will customize a plan just for you and get you on track to meet your health and wellness goals from a natural perspective.